Relax My Dog: Sleeping Music and TV to Calm Your Pets

Relax My Dog: Sleeping Music and TV to Calm Your Pets
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Your dog is afraid of thunder and fireworks? Is your cat anxious or displaying destructive behavior when you’re not home? Your hamsters begin fighting the moment you leave your house? If so, are you aware that simple musicotherapy may be the answer to all of your problems? Relax My Dog is a website specializing in soothing music and television for dogs, but it can also be used on other pets. It is now as simple as A, B, C to alleviate your animals’ anxiety and help them fall asleep peacefully.

Is Musicotherapy Really Helpful?

However, if they believe it to be a myth, it is likely because they have never tried it. On the other hand, all dog owners, dog rehabilitation centers, veterinarians, and other dog sitters who have tried this method appear to be completely satisfied, if not astonished, by its effectiveness.

Relax My dog proves it!, which is also accessible via social media, now has over 250,000 YouTube subscribers, proving that dog music therapy is truly something to bark about. It appears that numerous users have achieved remarkable results with their pets and music therapy. Among the positive comments on their YouTube channel are:

“When I play music, my dog falls asleep so quickly and soundly.” Tiger Love

Despite his difficult beginning to life, these [videos] keep my dog calm and happy. Shanda Diane

“My dog does not bark when I leave the house with [therapy music] playing. She would be irritated by the other sounds, as we reside in apartments.” Leanne C

“My dog Ivory sleeps so peacefully while listening to the incredible music!” Trin W

“We play these videos throughout the day while at work. Our two rescues and nine fosters absolutely adore it. Helps them feel at ease and worry less when we’re gone.” Ty Agnes

And it continues, while negative comments are virtually nonexistent.

Uses Of Musicotherapy: When It Can Help?

Here are some instances in which your pet may experience anxiety and where music therapy can be a great comfort:

  • Thunder storms,
  • Fireworks,
  • While you are preparing to leave,
  • While you are away,
  • In case of sleeping problems,
  • Consoling whimpering puppies,
  • Reducing hyperactivity
  • Comforting sick or injured animals,
  • After a trauma, like surgery,
  • During car journeys,
  • At the vet’s,
  • While dog sitting…

Where Does The Music Come From?

Relax My Dog’s music is composed in-house by a team of professional producers who use sound sweep technology that is specifically designed to relax and calm dogs. If you’re having trouble raising your dog, this particular genre of music may provide the solace you’ve been seeking. Simply try it out and watch your dog relax before your eyes!

Where can I find Relax My dog?

Relax my dog is accessible via the official website and the majority of social media platforms:

What About Other Animals?


When the Relax My Dog site was officially launched, musicotherapy for pets was in its infancy and not as easily accessible. Many pet owners attempted to use it on other types of animals, for which it did work, albeit less effectively. When the project’s creators realized that pet owners were interested in and requesting more music for other types of pets, they began work on a new version of the website, this time dedicated to cats, and soon launched Relax My Cat, which can be found at the following URLs:


Horses are renowned for their responsiveness to a variety of therapies, including whispering therapy and musicotherapy. The website is currently under construction, but it is unknown whether it is part of the same project as and Maintain a keen watch on it.

In the meantime, Horsecom, a French company, has developed a kit consisting of two Bluetooth audio headsets, one for the rider and one for the horse, which has also proven effective. This allows the rider to communicate with the horse during a race or ride. Additionally, you can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and play music of your choosing during the ride. For instance, if your horse is too excitable, you could try playing some Relax My Dog music. Although it may not be as effective on horses as it is on dogs, it should still help to calm your horse. Alternatively, if your horse is too calm and you are competing in a race, try playing some AC/DC music to give him a boost!

Now that you are aware of these methods, calming your pet shouldn’t be a problem.