Okunoshima: A Japanese Island home to… Rabbits!

Okunoshima: A Japanese Island home to… Rabbits!
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If you are curious about which island is the cutest in the world, we recommend Okunoshima. This small island off the coast of Japan is home to hundreds of adorable rabbits accustomed to the presence of humans. When visiting Japan, a visit to this rabbit’s lair is a must for a magical experience.

A Rabbit Shelter

Few individuals are familiar with Okunoshima. It is true that it is not a particularly large island, but it is unquestionably one of Japan’s must-see destinations.

Although there are many locations that are reserved for wildlife (such as a fox village and some hot springs for monkeys), this rabbit paradise will win over everyone’s heart. It offers hundreds of them refuge, and they freely roam among the daily visitors.

Okunoshima, also referred to as Usaga Jima and Rabbit Island, should be included on any list of the world’s cutest islands.

Visitors enjoy being surrounded by these rabbits, which remind them of the Eastern Bunny, during the Easter season. But tourists and Japanese come to visit them year-round because they find peace in sharing space with these small furry creatures.

The arrival is greeted by hundreds of rabbits.

This small island’s forest is traversed by a network of paths. There is a ferry that departs from the mainland in order to reach it. Within fifteen minutes, you are back on dry land and surrounded by rabbits’ fluffy tails.

You will be surprised by how docile they are, as you can pet them without them running away. It is not advised to pick them up, as you or the rabbit could be injured in the process.

This is their territory; therefore, you must respect them and their habitat. Humans are only visitors to Okunoshima Island when the park is closed, as they are not permitted to stay.

In contrast to the majority of places where animals reside and humans visit, such as St. Mark’s Square in Venice or Boulder’s Beach in Cape Town, you are encouraged to feed your hosts.

In fact, when you do visit, you should consider purchasing lettuce and carrots before boarding the ferry. There is a food store on the island, but it is more expensive…