What are the differences between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle?

What are the differences between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle?
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These two dog breeds share a common ancestor, the Poodle, which makes them quite similar. However, there are also differences between the Labrador and the Golden Retriever due to their genetically distinct breeds. Here is what you should know if you’re deciding which to adopt.

Labrador and Golden Retriever Breeds

When attempting to determine the distinctions between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle, the breed of each dog must be considered. The first dog is a Labrador, while the second is a Golden Retriever. Consequently, you must compare these two breeds to comprehend their distinctions. Although both Labradors and Golden Retrievers are friendly and playful, they differ in numerous other personality and physical characteristics. Let’s compare these so that you can choose the ideal dog breed.

The Personality Traits of the Labradoodle and Golden Doodle

First, let’s stipulate that both breeds are ideal family pets. They are even-tempered, making them ideal for children. So what distinguishes them?


Ask any Golden Retriever owner, and they will affirm that their pet is always in a playful mood. If you are looking for a happy dog, the Golden Doodle has this trait in abundance. In fact, this dog is always enthusiastic and ready to interact with you, bringing joy to the household.

A Golden Doodle enjoys meeting new people. If you bring a new person into the house, he will immediately approach them and be friendly. This is in contrast to the Labradoodle, who is not as friendly, at least initially. In his own time, he will eventually introduce himself to the newcomer.

Handling new environments

Due to their never-ending playfulness, the Golden Doodle will be instantly content in a new environment. Due to their carelessness, they are not overly concerned about anything. In contrast, the Labradoodle is a greater worrier. As he enters his new home, he will need to investigate first to ensure that there are no potential threats. It indicates that the Labraddodle is fearful and will take time to adjust to a new environment.

Energy levels

Both of these dog breeds are exceptionally intelligent. To prevent them from displaying behavioral issues throughout their lives, you must keep them occupied with cognitively demanding games.

As retrievers, both are known for their high levels of vitality. To achieve fulfillment, they must run and engage in fetching games. If your idea of a dog is one that lounges at your feet all day and does nothing but follow you from room to room, neither of these breeds is for you. If you adopt one, be prepared to engage in high-energy activities with them.

If you require assistance from your dog, Labradoodles are among the hardest-working breeds available. They are frequently found in the company of deficient individuals who require their assistance to complete daily tasks.


If you are looking for a protective dog, the Labradoodle is the better option. Even though he is a friendly dog, he can become irrational if he or a member of the family feels threatened. If you allow him to cross certain boundaries, aggression could become an issue.

The Golden Doodle is a cheerful dog. He will never get angry. However, if you expect him to defend you in specific circumstances, you should not count on it.

Physical aspect

Labradoodles and Golden Doodles weigh approximately the same (between 55 and 80 pounds), which is heavier than a standard Poodle. Likewise, their coats are quite similar. The Golden Doodle is longer and wavy as well as curly. The Labradoodle has a wide range of coat colors, whereas the Golden Doodle ranges from golden to caramel and red.

Do Labradors and golden retrievers shed?

Numerous individuals are aware that poodles do not shed. In fact, they are considered hypoallergenic; however, no breed is completely non-shedding. And when you consider that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders, you can see why this could be an issue with Labradoodles and Golden Doodles.

How to Choose a Labradoodle or a Golden Doodle?

Since we have demonstrated the distinctions between these two breeds, you may believe they are quite dissimilar. This is not the case. They share significantly more similarities than differences. Importantly, they are both excellent candidates for family life. Therefore, if you are undecided between the two, you should visit a pet store and let your heart decide which of the two it prefers. You can’t go wrong.